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Using CID Lookup.

The Lookup tool is how someone checks the public information relating to your caravan or motorhome. It's as simple as typing an ID number into the search box and clicking Submit. The information returned will differ slightly for caravans and motorhomes. This is the ID of the van you are looking up.. This is the STATUS you have set for your van.
It can be any of the following:

In Storage
Touring UK
Touring Europe/UK

Clearly if it's Off-Road or In Storage it should not be on the road and should be reported.
This is the Make, Model and Year of your van.
and helps identify it.
This is the Chassis Number of your van.
providing a secondary means of identifying your van.
This is the Registration Number of your motorhome.
For caravans, this will be the Authorised TowVehicle.
This is the User Comments section.
Perhaps the most useful area in the lookup. Depending on your situation, you can add any information you want to share about yourself or your van such as distinguishing marks or how people can contact you. I'm sure you'll think of things i've not.

The great thing is you can change, update or remove this information in real-time whenever you wish.
When you're logged in and look up your own ID, you'll see an EDIT button below. Click this and you can update your personal information there and then. As soon as you click UPDATE, your new information is live.

A good example for caravans might be changing your authorised to vehicle.
cid app We will be releasing a proper smartphone app in the near future. Till then you have full lookup functionality using your phone's internet browser. Simply open your browser of choice and access our site at:


and click on lookup.
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