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How to use lookup.
Public Lookup.

Using lookup is easy, fast and free. Simply go to the Lookup Page, enter the ID you are looking for and click the submit button. The system will return the PUBLIC information held by CaravanID for that caravan or motorhome.

If you only have a partial ID, lookup will return the 10 most likely results based on what you have entered. You can then scroll through these and hopefully recognise the right van from the photographs. Obviously, the more of the ID you enter, the more accurate the lookup is likely to be.

Police Lookup.

CaravanID have provided  the police and other crime prevention agencies with secure access to the lookup facility that includes additional information such member’s contact details.

Access is only provided to named persons within each force or agency, not to individual officers and is subject to acceptable use and non-disclosure agreements.

Police access does not permit editing or deleting of member’s public or private information.

Edit Button.

Provided you are logged in to the website, you will see an EDIT button below the lookup of your own van. Clicking this button will enable you to edit/update your personal and public information.

As soon as you click UPDATE, your changes will be live. There are no restrictions on when or how often you can update your information.

For the purposes of security and to prevent abuse of this system, the source IP address and other information is logged for every lookup performed.