Site Incentive Scheme

Expanding the community.

Site Promotion.

CaravanID is pleased to announce it’s initiative to encourage holiday parks, caravan parks, camping and storage sites to join our community. In return for supporting CaravanID and displaying our posters and fliers, we will donate £5 to the site that they can put towards their upkeep and security in these difficult times for every new Premium Member they introduce.

Sites can join completely free via a dedicated link on the website . As part of the joining process they will be issued with their own unique ID to give to potential members. New members simply enter this ID when they join. This will identify the site as the referrer and £5 will be added to their kitty, paid to them at the end of each month.

As an added bonus, sites who register will be added to the list of those participating with a free ad posted on the CaravanID website.

We believe this initiative demonstrates CaravanID’s ethos of everyone in the caravan and motorhome community working together and supporting each other in the fight against theft.

This is how the scheme will work: 

·         Sites can join up completely free at –

·         CaravanID will send them a free pack containing promotional posters and fliers to display or distribute at their site.

·         Visitors to the site will see the CaravanID community posters and fliers bearing the sites ID and be encouraged by the offer to help the site.

·         Owners can join as normal via the CaravanID website. Prior to payment they will be asked if they have a referring site code. If they enter an ID, £5.00 will be added to the site’s fund.

·         At the end of each calendar month CaravanID will total the amount earned by each site and deposit it into a bank or PayPal account specified by them.

·         Sites can request additional posters or fliers at any time by emailing

 There is no limit to the number of members a site can refer nor to the amount they can earn. However, this offer is for new Premium Members and cannot be used in conjunction with any other CaravanID promotion.