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Designed to give your caravan essential protection, providing clear and unique identification for your van. This pack includes 10 top quality decals comprising of no less than  19 individual stickers that a potential thief would have to remove to obscure the unique identity of your van.

1 x Rear Decal, 8 x Window Stickers, 1 x Windscreen Badge, 1 x Membership Card, Database registration.


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What’s in the pack?

1 x Rear Decal

350x110mm Multi-part reflective decal.

rear-decal-red-21     rear-decal-colours

The rear decal remains the most important one in terms of being seen by other vehicles on the road. The new version retains
it’s high visibility and reflective properties but has been redesigned to be more prominent and includes the
identification so people no where to go to check out your van. It is still available in a selection of colours including Red, Blue
and Green to match your van’s livery.

8 x Window Stickers

60x10mm, Single-part non-reflective stickers—Adhesive front—White on clear background.


You told us the small, multipart decals were fiddly and difficult to apply and we listened.

These have been completely redesigned and now come as eight single piece stickers that affix to the inside of your van windows. They are still in easy to read
white on a clear adhesive background.

1 x Windscreen Sticker

80×110, Single-part—Front adhesive—White on clear background.


Brilliant white on a clear background.
This sticker is attached to your tow vehicle windscreen pairing it with your caravan. It is
adhesive on the front so it can be fitted inside the window.


1 x Membership Card.

Single-part Blue on White.


The only changes to the membership card is some changes to the text making it easier to read
and the inclusion of the country code in the ID number.


Database Registration.

Pack includes registration on our lookup database for as long as you own your van.
Please visit our website for options if you sell or exchange your van.


Rear Decal Colours


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