New for 2021

New for 2021

When we launched CaravanID we promised we would listen to the needs and expectations of our members. Well we have been listening and from the many excellent ideas and suggestions put forward, we are making some exciting changes and additions, not just to the website but to our products and services.

You will already have noticed the improvements we’ve made to the website. It is now even more informative yet simpler to use. We have done away with need to register. All public information is now available by default as a guest, without having to login.

Removing the need for registration has simplified the process of joining the community as a full member. Now all you need to do is click JOIN and complete the membership application form. Your account and login credentials will be automatically created as part of the application process.

International Numbering


Our plan has always been to extend the CaravanID community beyond the UK and into mainland Europe. To facilitate this, we have added a country prefix to the membership ID numbers. The numeric part will still be six unique digits, but it will be prefixed with a two-letter international identification code ie: GB-123456 for Great Britain, FR-123456 for France and so on. This will enable us to reissue numbers in each country, avoiding the need for additional numeric digits and maintaining a simple to read and remember format.

If you wish you can search using only the 6 digit part of an ID. If it is allocated in more than one country at will return each of them TRY THIS EXAMPLE.

All countries will use the same website and lookup with automatic language translations made available. This ensures that members in Europe will be able to check your van when you are abroad, likewise you will be able to check European vans visiting the UK making the CaravanID community truly international.

For those of you who’s numbers were issued prior to the prefix there is no need to worry. Your current number will continue to function as normal on lookups etc. If you change your van in the future and need new decals, we will add the suffix to your number. There will also be an option for existing members to purchase the new decal packs at a discounted price from the CaravanID shop.

ID Numbering Convention


To ensure both functionality and simplicity, all new membership ID’s will comprise of a two character nationality prefix as mentioned above and (on your recommendation), a unique six character suffix matching the last six digits of the VIN number relating to the van you are registering. This means that your ID will now be directly tied to your caravan or motor home making a positive identification simpler and obscuring it’s identity much more difficult.

Regrettably, we can no longer offer bespoke or personalised ID’s. but if you already have one, it will continue to function as normal. If you decide to change your caravan or motorhome in the future, you will still have the option to transfer your custom ID to your new van or receive a new ID. 


New Decals

Some of you suggested that our original decals were a bit too ‘industrial’ looking, that they needed to mention CaravanID so people knew where to look them up and that they were simply too big for some vans. So, for 2021 we have a new and compact design with a resized option for smaller campervans. They now incorporate the website and of course the new country prefix: –

These will continue to be made from high quality, tamper resistant, UV resistant and reflective vinyl in a choice of colours to suit your van’s livery.

Black, White and Silver are non-reflective.

Front & Side Decals

Our new premium membership packs now include three stunning new decals for the front and sides of your van. In a discreet silver/grey and slightly smaller than the rear decal. These add three additional identification points making it much harder for a thief to hide your van but are subtle enough not to spoil your van’s looks. 

Membership Cards

There are some major improvements to the function and design of our new membership cards. Included with your card is a clear, adhesive windscreen holder that not only gives you a convenient place to store your card, but replaces the requirement for a separate windscreen sticker when displaying the logo only side.

Whilst the information about your van remains the same, the front of the card now includes your photograph ensuring that should it be lost, it cannot be used to impersonate you. If you choose not to include a personal photograph, the CaravanID logo will be shown in its place.

A new QR code had been added that when scanned, takes you directly to your CaravanID lookup page.


A new addition to all packs is a CID Dot. Using NFC technology simply hide this somewhere accessible in your van. Tap it with your mobile phone* (NFC must be turned on) and it will take you directly to your CaravanID lookup page.

You can securely store the location of your dot on your profile page, this has the advantage of letting the police know where it is as an additional means of identification.

Dots do not require batteries, recharging or expensive scanning equipment.

*Please be aware that due to restrictions imposed by Apple, iPhone 6 and older devices cannot read NFC tags.


Similar in functionality to the CID Dot, the Tag is a credit card size sticker ideally placed on the inside of your van’s door window. The sticker informs unwanted visitors that your van is protected by CaravanID. Id also has embedded NFC technology that when tapped with an NFC enabled mobile phone*, will take you directly to your CaravanID lookup page.

Like Dots, Tags do not require batteries, recharging or expensive scanning equipment.

*Please be aware that due to restrictions imposed by Apple, iPhone 6 and older devices cannot read NFC tags.

Police Access

We’ve been working closely with UK police forces and other agencies to make CaravanID a workable tool for them in their battle reduce theft and aid detection.

Although it will not affect your experience of using CaravanID, we have agreed to provide the police with secure access to members contact details enabling them to get in touch with you quickly should the need arise.

Access is granted to individual officers for monitoring purposes and is subject to ‘acceptable use’ and ‘confidentiality’ agreements.

The information available to the police will be the contact details you have supplied so we would ask that you keep your profile complete and up to date.

Membership Packs

Taking advantage of our new decals, we are now offering a choice of memberships packs with decals and prices to suit your particular van and budget starting from just £45. For example, the decals for campervans are a more appropriate size for smaller vehicles. There are also a selection of additional decals available from our online shop to truly make your pack bespoke.