Identification Markings.

All CaravanID decals and stickers are produced from quality materials with a minimum UV life expectancy of three to five years when fitted vertically to your caravan or motorhome.

Our decals are designed to be secure and long lasting but they are NOT intended to be permanent markings. It is therefore possible to remove them without damage to your van. Proper preparation and fitting will ensure your decals will last for many years.

If you are not fitting your decals immediately, they should be stored flat or gently rolled and kept at room temperature. Do not leave them exposed to high temperatures or direct sunlight as this may make the backing tape difficult to remove.

If you are using a ladder or working at height, always keep personal safety in mind. Work from a level surface and if necessary, have someone steady the ladder while you are working.

NFC Dots & Tags.

Your Near Field Communication (NFC) dot or tag has been pre-programmed with your unique ID, tested and secured to prevent changes or deletion.

When tapped with or in close proximity of an NFC enable smartphone or tablet, it will open your browser and automatically display your public lookup page.

If you have more than one browser installed on your device, it may ask you which one you want to open the page with. Simply tap to choose.

Dot Placement:

NFC dots are intended to provide covert identification. You can hide these wherever you wish inside your van. Choose somewhere that is not obvious but is accessible to your phone.

Do not apply them to a metallic surface, this may affect operation.

The location of you dots can be recorded in the ‘private’ area of your CaravanID profile. This is not visible to the public but will help the police locate them and positively identify your van.

Tag Placement:

Tags are intended to be ‘overt’ letting potential thieves know you are protected. The ideal place to fit them is on the inside of your habitation door window. If your door does not have a window, we suggest using any other window on the nearside of your van for maximum visibility.

Tags can be read by an NFC enabled device, even through a double glazed window.

Do not apply them to a metallic surface, this may affect operation.


NFC scanning is available on almost all Android and iOS devices. Please refer to your device handbook for your specific make and model.

External Decals:

Your decals are made from high quality materials designed for external use. They are intended as an ‘overt’ identification marks, clearly visible to others including following vehicles.

The rear decal will Ideally be placed as high as possible on the rear, offside of your van. This will ensure maximum visibility and typically puts them out of easy reach.

The positioning of your front and side decals will depend on the unique characteristics of you van but should again, be placed as high as possible to ensure maximum visibility and prevent tampering.

Before you apply your decal, please ensure the surface is clean, dry and free of any coating or polish that may adversely affect adhesion. The adhesive used can take up to 24 hours to fully cure so avoid washing or scrapes during this period.

Please DO NOT apply external decals to non-glass windows.

Window Decals:

Your pack contains 8 reverse printed window stickers bearing your unique ID and a pre-programmed QR code linked to your public profile page. Where you place these is up to you but we recommend placing one in the lower corner of each window, inside the van.

We have chosen to produce these in black to make them more discreet, however they remain readable and scannable from outside.

The QR code can be scanned with most smartphones or tablets though some devices may require you to install a QR reader App. When scanned it will open your browser and automatically display your public lookup page.

If you need any further information or advice, please ask.