How to join the CID community.

Theft prevention and recovery.

Full membership including the decal kit and registration on our database costs just £85, valid for as long as you own your current van.

There are NO recurring fees.

To join CID you will need to register on the website and log in. You’ll then see links to join the community.

When you apply for membership you will be asked to provide some essential information. This will be in two parts:   
Personal Information:

This is information we will need to approve, process and manage your CID membership including:

  • Full name.
  • Permanent address,
  • Contact telephone number,
  • Email address
  • Proof of ownership for the motorhome or caravan you are registering.

We will not store information of payment methods such as credit cards or bank accounts.


All personal information will will be collated, processed and stored in compliance with the UK’s data protection legislation including the General Data Protection Act (GDPR).

Except where necessary for us to provide our services to you, or to comply with legal requirements, no personal information will be shared or disclosed to any other individual or organisation.

Public Information:

This is information about your caravan or motorhome that will be shared with anyone looking up your ID:

  • Van type (caravan, motorhome, day van),
  • Make, Model, Year of van,
  • Chassis number,
  • Registration Number (motorhome or day van),
  • Registration Number(s) (up to 3 caravan tow vehicles)
  • Van status (off road, in storage, in use etc)

In addition to your van information, the public lookup provides an ‘owners comments’ area where you can add anything else you wish to share publicly. Typical uses are  – if, when and how people can contact you, or information relevant to your van such as it being off road. You can update this information real-time whenever you choose.

CID do not recommend you post ‘personal’ information other than essential contact details. We will not accept any liability should you choose to do so. We may also remove information we deem inappropriate, offensive or a security risk.

Updating your information:

When you register or join CID you will be asked to select a personal username and password (your credentials) that provide you with on demand access to your data in our membership system. Once logged in you can:

  • Update your personal information,
  • Update your public information.

Changes you make to your public information will immediately be available to anyone looking up your ID so if you’re reporting it missing or you’re putting it off the road for the winter, the community will know right away.


Your credentials are personal to you and must not be shared or disclosed to anyone else. If at any time you suspect your credentials have been disclosed or compromised, you must change your password immediately.

You will be responsible for ensuring your private and public information is accurate and up to date. CID will not take responsibility for any incidents or losses arising from incorrect, out of date or missing information.

Proof of ownership:

When you join CID you will be asked to provide proof of ownership for the caravan or motorhome you are registering. This is to prevent someone registering a van owned by someone else that could facilitate fraud.

Documents provided must show your full name, current home address and the VIN or registration number of the van. Copies may be uploaded with your application or emailed separately to Membership will not be granted till we are satisfied you own the van



Any one of the following will be accepted as proof of ownership:


  • Current certificate of insurance for your van,
  • CRiS registration certificate,


  • Current certificate of insurance for your van,
  • V5 registration document for your van.
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