How It Works

Published: 8th May 2021.

As a caravan or motorhome owner, you know the importance of investing in good quality security devices such as wheel locks and alarms, but good as these are, thefts still happen and when they do, many vans are never seen again. One reason for this is that, apart from your number plate, one van looks very much like any other on the road, replace this and your van’s virtually invisible. A few of us may have made subtle modifications or applied fixtures that add a bit of individuality. These may help you recognise your own van but they’re pretty meaningless to anyone else. 

Police with caravan on truck

If you want your van recovered then you have to:

  • give others some way to recognise it as your van, not a similar one.
  • provide an efficient method for them to reporting any sightings.


As a CaravanID member you will issued with a unique ID comprising of a country code and the last six digits of your van’s Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).This ID, together with information about your van is added to the CaravanID database and can be looked up online, quickly and for free. 

No sensitive or personal information will ever be displayed publicly however, authorised police officers and crime prevention agencies may request access to contact information in an emergency.



 Depending on which membership level you choose, you will receive a pack containing up to 17 decals (61 individual stickers) that are strategically affixed to the front, rear, both sides, roof and windows of your van ensuring discreet but clear 360 degree identification.

CaravanID Rear Decal

Unlike typical chassis numbers and window etchings that require close inspection, your decals can be read and checked from a distance. They are also easier to remember than a 17 digit VIN.

NFC Tagging.

 Your pack will also contain 2 pre-programmed NFC tags bearing your ID. One of these is typically displayed on the inside of the habitation door window where it serves as a visual warning to potential thieves. The other is hidden by you somewhere inside the van. These can be scanned using any NFC enabled device such as a mobile phone or tablet to reveal important (non-sensitive) information about the van.

The location of the hidden tag can be recorded in the confidential section of your profile enabling the police to locate and scan it if necessary.

With so many identifying marks, your van is a lot less attractive to opportunist thieves who have the option of spending hours removing the decals or risk being caught with an easily identifiable stolen van.

Personal Identification.

A membership or ID card serves THREE purposes. 

  • A CaravanID membership card.
  • A proof of ownership / registration card.
  • A personal ID card.

On the rear of your card are a few essential details about you and your van. In addition to confirming your membership status it can help confirm your identity should the police have reason to check your van.


CaravanID Card

Spot & Check.

With so many identifying marks, your van is a lot less attractive to opportunist thieves who now have the option of spending hours removing your decals or risk being caught with an easily identifiable stolen van. 

Anyone spotting your van will not only have the ability to recognise it, they can check its usage status. Entering your ID into our free, online lookup facility will reveal if it has been reported stolen or if it should even be on the road. In the case of caravans, you will also see what vehicles are authorised to tow it. 


Anyone with access to the internet will be able to enter your ID and look up essential ‘PUBLIC’ information about your van. The information shown will be that necessary for identification and usage only, no personal or sensitive information will be shown publicly unless you choose to do so.

Your profile includes a CONFIDENTIAL information section that can only be accessed by authorised police officers or crime prevention organisations for official purposes. In addition to your contact details, you may provide additional information that will assist them in identifying your van as yours.

You can access and update your profile at any time. There are no limitations or charges for this service.

Police Access.

CaravanID has been working with police and other crime prevention agencies and agreed to provide them with secure access to our database. In addition to the information available in the public lookup, approved officers will have access to member’s contact details. This will enable them to contact you quickly in an emergency.

 There is also a facility for you to add additional private information to your membership profile that may assist the police in identifying your van such as personalised modifications, fitted accessories or existing damage. This information will NOT be visible to anyone else.


Members Portal

As a CaravanID member you will have unrestricted access to our secure portal where you can update your public and private information in real-time, for example:

  • Changing your contact details,
  • Adding and removing authorised tow vehicles,
  • providing Information about the use of or restrictions on your van.
  • Adding private information to assist the police.

All personal and private information will be held completely separately in compliance with the UK’s data protection regulations (including GDPR). It will NOT be shared with or sold to ANYONE without your written consent.

YOU will have total control of what information will appear on the lookups. You can of course amend or delete it yourself at anytime. See the LOOKUP PAGE for examples of public facing information.

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