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FREE CaravanID Membership.

Published: 7th January 2022.

At CaravanID, we believe the community should be ‘everyone’ not just those who can afford to pay. That every caravan, camper and motorhome owner deserves the protection CaravanID provides. For that reason we are delighted to announce that from 30th January 2022, CID registration and membership will be absolutely free to all owners in the UK. Europe or anywhere else in the world.

Our aim is to encourage as many owners as possible to join the community. To help create the most comprehensive and up to date camper, caravan and motorhome register available. A single place where police and crime prevention agencies can check any van securely, quickly and free. Where you can check and update your van’s details and usage – again, securely, quickly and for free.

Let’s face it. An out of date register that no one can see is as much use as an ashtray on a motorbike!


As a free member your van will be included on the CaravanID database and website, with unlimited free lookups and real-time access to update your profile. Police and other crime prevention agencies will have secure but free and unrestricted access to the register to assist with identification of vans brought to their attention and contact the owners in an emergency. Never before has a registration scheme offered so much for so little.


If registration is all you need, then that’s what you get – for free, no hidden or recurring charges and no obligations. If you decide you want the added protection of identification decals, stickers or ID card you can order them from our online store, but the choice is yours. There are no pre-defined or fixed price membership packages, just choose what you want, when you want, if you want.


We want to be completely honest with you. With no income from membership we will be relying on our online shop to fund our services and ensure continued improvements. To achieve this we will be offering selected security and safety related products and great prices, all tried and tested by us. Please give our shop a look when you need something for your van.

To prevent abuse and keep you safe, membership will still be subject to due-diligence. To be accepted as a member, you will have to provide details and proof of ownership for the van you are registering and agree to our usage terms and conditions . But we promise, there are no hidden agendas, costs or commitments in there. Other than meeting our crime prevention commitments to you, we will not share your information with anyone else.


As part of this change, CaravanID will become more engaging with the community with regular news and updates, not only about CaravanID but all matters relating to van security and safety.


There is now NO good reason not to be part of the CaravanID community. Your van deserves all the protection you can give it so sign up now, be part of the vanning future, be safe.