CID Community Feedback Form.

You have expressed interest in the CaravanID community initiative and registered on the website, Facebook group or both and we greatly appreciate that support. What we would like to understand is what, if anything would stop you joining as a full member of the community?

This is not a sales exercise, nor are we pushing you to join, that needs to be your decision alone and there are many factors you will undoubtedly take into consideration, but if there is something we need to do, or indeed stop doing, to make CaravanID right for you, what is it?

I would really appreciate it if you would take a couple of minutes to click the link below and share your honest thoughts and opinions with me. Please don’t hold back, speak your mind. We pride ourselves on being community driven, so we need to understand ‘your’ needs and desires.

Please be assured that your identity and comments will not be made public without your express permission.

Thank you for your help.
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