Anchors & Posts

Grounding your van.

Another level of security.

We’re all happy to invest in hitch locks, they’re relatively inexpensive, quick to fit and a good one is an excellent deterrent but imagine how much more secure it would be if the lock itself was immovable! That’s exactly what hitch posts do.

Granted hitch posts are not something you can take on holiday with you but if, like me, you’re one of the many owners that store your caravan at home or in a permanent storage area, a good hitch post in conjunction with your hitch lock will not only prevent someone hooking up, it will prevent the van being moved at all. Indeed, i’ve always though it would be a great selling point for caravan storage areas and sites to install them on pitches, especially for seasonal customers. 

Choosing The Best hitch post.

Like all security devices there are an array of both good and poor posts to choose from so some knowledge and a bit of though is essential. Choose the wrong one and you may find it has obvious weaknesses that thieves will quickly exploit, so here are a few tips.

What to avoid.

Some designs involve bolting the post to a solid surface such as a concreted or paved driveway. The obvious weak spot with these is the bolts that are easily removed with an angle grinder or forcibly pulled from the ground. As many have discovered, nudge this type of post with your car (not a recommendation) and it will simply pull away from the ground.

Clearly you don’t want a post that stops you getting out so unless you store your van hitch first in the drive, you’ll want a post that folds down or can be removed as needed. In this example it folds down which introduces another vulnerability – the hinge. Cut or drill that and the ground anchoring’s beaten.

What to look for.

It requires a bit more effort to install them but by far the best posts will always be those countersunk into the ground and reinforced with concrete or postcrete.

Instead of folding these posts are unlocked and the top section is simply pulled out of the receiver. A cover is usually provided to prevent debris falling into the receiver. Even without a lock, a thief would need to lift the hitch some 30cm to release post from the receiver but a good lock is even more of a deterrent. A good post such as this one will cost you around £100.

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Remember, you will still need to fit a good hitch lock that secures your caravan to the ball on the post. Most likely the lock you have will suffice.