Advertising you’re on holiday

Safe not Sorry.

The security of your home is definitely something you need to consider when heading off on holiday and there are sensible precautions you should take. Before we cover these though, i’d like to address a concern that was posted on our FaceBook group. The question asked was:

“Is setting my CaravanID status to ‘Touring’ not advertising that i’m away and my home is unoccupied?”

In a nutshell, no, but let me elaborate.

The touring status does suggest your van is in use but it does not reveal your address, in fact, unless you add it to your public profile, not even your name is known, you are essentially anonymous. Even if  someone could find out where you live, how would they know there’s not other members of your family staying there or what other precautions you have taken. 

Posting a status of touring is of no more use to potential thieves than seeing you towing your van or driving your motorhome down the motorway. Of far greater concern is irresponsible posting on social media. Unlike your CaravanID profile that only shows essential information, a FaceBook page can reveal way too much about you. Identity theft through social media is the technique of building a profile about someone from little snippets of information posted over several months or even years. Piecing lots of minor details eventually produces a much larger picture of your life. Rather than telling everyone on social media that you’re going on holiday, wait till you get home and tell them about the great time you had. Not only will it be safer, it will be a lot more interesting.

When on holiday, do not leave documents with your address in your car or van especially along with your house keys. That is asking for trouble.

Before you set off:

  • Do not mention your plans on social media or in public.
  • Lock all windows and doors. If you have blinds, lower but don’t close them.
  • Make the obvious arrangements and cancel any regular deliveries such as milk and papers.
  • Hide any especially valuable or sentimental items. Ideally in a fixed down home safe.
  • If you can, arrange for a relative, friend or neighbour to look after your property, visit at random times and perhaps close the curtains and blinds in the evening.
  • Consider putting a couple of lights or lamps on a timer switch to give the appearance someone is home. The hallway is not good enough. You need lights turning on and off at different times in different rooms. There are many apps that enable you to do this remotely but a couple of inexpensive timer switches will do the job.
  • If you have an alarm, set it.
Preparation is key to enjoying your time away and ensuring there are no nasty surprises when you return.