About CaravanID

About CaravanID

As a caravan or motorhome enthusiasts, you know the importance of investing in good quality security devices such as wheel locks and alarms, but good as these are, thefts still happen and when they do, many vans are never seen again. One reason for this is that, apart from your number plate, one van looks very much like any other on the road, replace this and your van’s virtually invisible. A few of you may have made subtle modifications or applied custom decals that add a bit of individuality, this can help you recognise your own van but they’re meaningless to anyone else. If you want your van recovered then you have to:

  • quickly make as many people as possible aware of its theft,
  • give them some way to recognise it as your van, not a similar one.
  • provide an efficient method for them to reporting any sightings.

Based on 2019 official figures there are 140,000 police officers in the UK. About 3% (4200) are assigned to dedicated road policing duties. These are split into four working shifts, so there are an estimated 1050 on duty at any time (less absence, annual leave, court or escort duties etc).

In the same period the NCC estimated there were 555,000 touring caravans and 225,000 motorhomes in use in the UK, making a combined total of 780,000. If just one in four of us were out and about, that would be 195,000, or 185 of us to every one traffic officer. Whether a member or not, CID aims to encourage a real community spirit among all caravan and motorhome owners by enabling anyone with a connected smartphone or tablet to check a CID registration and report suspicious activities. The more people participating in the CID community, the more successful we will be in recovering vans and catching thieves.

How can CaravanID help?

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As a CaravanID member you will receive a pack containing up to 16 decals (60 individual stickers) bearing your unique and easy to remember identification number. These are affixed to the front, rear, both sides, roof and windows of your van ensuring full 360 degree identification. The external decals are designed to be seen and read from a reasonable distance making your van uniquely and easily identifiable. The rear decal (available in 7 colours) is highly reflective making it really stand out at night. The large roof decal is ideally placed to be seen by traffic cameras or police patrols on elevated vantage points.

With so many identifying marks, your van is a lot less attractive to opportunist thieves who have the option of spending hours removing the decals or risk being caught with an easily identifiable stolen van.

Spot & Check.

With your identification decals in place, anyone spotting your van will not only have the ability to recognise it but to check its status. Entering your ID into our free, online lookup facility will reveal if it has been reported stolen. Even if it has not actually been reported, they can confirm if it is on the road legitimately. In the case of caravans, the lookup will also confirm what vehicles are authorised to tow it. If they have any doubts they can confidently contact the police, CaravanID or you directly.

Should the worst happen and your van is taken, prompt identification and recovery is essential if you are to recover your personal possessions and avoid the van being stripped or abused.

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Police Access.

CaravanID has been working with police and other crime prevention agencies and agreed to provide them with secure access to our database. In addition to the information available in the public lookup, approved officers will have access to member’s contact details. This will enable them to contact you quickly in an emergency.

 There is also a facility for you to add additional private information to your membership profile that could assist the police in identifying your van such as personalised modifications, fitted accessories or existing damage. This information will NOT be visible to anyone else.

Membership & ID Card

Included in all membership packs is a personal membership and ID card with essential information about you and your van. A recent photograph of you (provided when joining) will ensure you can identify yourself to police should they have reason to check your van.

A clear windscreen holder is provided giving you somewhere safe to store your card. With the logo only side showing, you are also making people aware that you take security seriously and are protected by CaravanID.

Scanning the QR code on your card will take you directly to your own lookup page on the CaravanID website.

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Members Portal

As a CID member you will have unrestricted access to our secure portal where you can update your public and private information in real-time, for example:

  • Changing your contact details,
  • Adding and removing authorised tow vehicles,
  • providing Information about the use of or restrictions on your van.
  • Adding private information to assist the police.

All personal and private information will be held completely separately in compliance with the UK’s data protection regulations (including GDPR). It will NOT be shared with or sold to ANYONE without your written consent.

YOU will have total control of what information will appear on the lookups. You can of course amend or delete it yourself at anytime. See the LOOKUP PAGE for examples of public facing information.

Joining the Community

Joining CaravanID is quick and easy. You will however need:

  • a recent photograph of yourself,
  • a recent photograph of your caravan or  motorhome,
  • proof of ownership for the van you are registering.
  • a PayPal account, debit or credit card.

Acceptable proof of ownership documents can include:

  •  a registration document, 
  • CRiS certificate, 
  • valid insurance policy 
  • or bill of sale. 

Next, check out our membership options, decide on the right pack for you and your van then simply complete the membership application form. You will be given the option of paying with PayPal or we can send you an e-invoice to pay by debit or credit card. Your application will typically be processed and approved within 24 hours and we will contact you with confirmation.

When you apply for membership you will be asked to provide some essential information:   
Personal Information:

This is information we will need to approve, process and manage your CID membership including:

  • Full name.
  • Permanent address,
  • Contact telephone number,
  • Email address
  • Proof of ownership for the motorhome or caravan you are registering.

CaravanID will not request or store information of payment methods such as credit cards or bank accounts.

All personal information will will be collated, processed and stored in compliance with the UK’s data protection legislation including the General Data Protection Act (GDPR).

Except where necessary for us to provide our services to you, or to comply with legal requirements, no personal information will be shared or disclosed to any other individual or organisation.

Public Information:

This is information about your caravan or motorhome that will be shared with anyone looking up your ID:

  • Van type (caravan, motorhome, day van),
  • Make, Model, Year of van,
  • Chassis number,
  • Registration Number (motorhome or day van),
  • Registration Number(s) (up to 3 caravan tow vehicles)
  • Van status (off road, in storage, in use etc)

In addition to your van information, the public lookup provides an ‘owners comments’ area where you can add anything else you wish to share publicly. Typical uses are  – if, when and how people can contact you, or information relevant to your van such as it being off road. You can update this information real-time whenever you choose.

CID do not recommend you post ‘personal’ information other than essential contact details. We will not accept any liability should you choose to do so. We may also remove information we deem inappropriate, offensive or a security risk.

Updating your information:

When you register or join CID you will be asked to select a personal username and password (your credentials) that provide you with on demand access to your data in our membership system. Once logged in you can:

  • Update your personal information,
  • Update your public information.

Changes you make to your public information will immediately be available to anyone looking up your ID so if you’re reporting it missing or you’re putting it off the road for the winter, the community will know right away.


Your credentials are personal to you and must not be shared or disclosed to anyone else. If at any time you suspect your credentials have been disclosed or compromised, you must change your password immediately.

You will be responsible for ensuring your private and public information is accurate and up to date. CID will not take responsibility for any incidents or losses arising from incorrect, out of date or missing information.