CRYSTAL is the latest membership option from CaravanID, introduced in direct response to feedback from existing and potential members who expressed the need for a less overt solution that maintains the core security benefits of CaravanID membership. Competitively priced at just £15 for as long as you own your van, 

caravan and motorhome

Crystal is a ‘registration only’ package that opens up the community to many more people. Crystal not only address a gap between existing CaravanID protection and other ‘registration only’ schemes, it betters them.

Crystal is a whole lot more than adding your van to a list, it provides active, real-time protection, unique identification, fast free lookup and more.Crystal does not include the usual decals of other membership levels but it does include a set of discreet, smart window stickers, our smart dot and tag, and a registration / membership ID card that also serves as photo ID in times of need. Of course information about your van will be added to the CaravanID database.

Because your membership ID comprises of the last 6 digits of your VIN, existing external VIN markings in addition to the window stickers can be used to identify and lookup your van quickly and easily.

Smart Window Stickers

Your pack will include 8 new style stickers that attach to the inside if your windows. Reverse printed in black on a clear adhesive background, these are extremely discreet yet totally legible, even through tinted windows. The secure QR code on the stickers can easily be scanned with a compatible mobile phone instantly displaying the public information for your van.

Smart Tags

You will also receive a secure Near Field Communication (NFC) tag and dot. The larger tag is typically displayed on the inside of your habitation door window serving as a visual deterrent and providing a scannable ID point, even through the window. The smaller dot should be hidden somewhere accessible inside your van as a covert ID point. If you wish you can put your dot location in the private area of your profile so the police know where to look.

CaravanID Dot
Registration / ID Card

Instead of a cumbersome paper registration document, CaravanID provides all the essential registration information for you and your van on a more practical card that fits in your wallet or purse, what’s more it shows your name and photograph, enabling you to confirm your identity if required.

Database / Web Presence

Your van will be added to the CaravanID database. Essential, non-sensitive information about your van will be included in the public area of our website providing fast and free lookup. Your personal and contact information will never be shown publicly but may be securely accessed by the police in an emergency.

 YOU choose what information is shown publicly or shared with the police when you join. Unlike full memberships the information you submit cannot be updated live but changes may be requested at any time, subject to a small administration fee. These are typically completed within 48 hours of your request being received.

There will be NO charges for updates or notifications relating the the theft or subsequent recovery of your van.

Confidential information is only visible to police.
Virtual App Lookup

Using our free virtual app you can use any internet connected device to look up any van, quickly and for free. Simply type the required ID into the app and the relevant public information will be presented. Confidential and contact information as shown in the final slide will only be visible to authorised police officers and crime prevention agencies.

Whilst the app offers far more functionality than lookups, there are limitations due to screen size. We recommend using our website on a PC or laptop for general browsing.


The REGISTRATION pack will include:

  • Registration ID number (last 6 digits of the vehicle VIN).
  • Public listing on the CID website.
  • Secure listing on the CID website (contact information for police etc).
  • 1 x REGISTRATION ID card with keepers photograph and van details.
  • 1 x Windscreen card holder.
  • 1 x CID REGISTERED sticker.
  • 8 x adhesive window stickers with ID and QR code.

Where more than one person will drive or tow a registered vehicle, additional ID cards may be requested (by the registrant only) at a cost of £5.50 per card.


In the unfortunate event a vehicle is stolen it must be reported by the keeper using the form provided on the website or in writing (email) from the keeper’s registered email address. The report must include the following information:

  • A police crime report number,
  • Date and time of the theft,
  • Where it was stolen from,
  • Any other information that may assist in identification or recovery.

CaravanID will flag your vehicle as stolen on the website and share the details of the theft with other members and forums.

You MUST let us know if it is subsequently recovered.

There will be no charges for reporting or processing stolen vehicle reports.