About CID Messenger.

Available to members only.

We have added a new and extremely useful private messaging feature to the CaravanID website. This is available to members only and is absolutely free to use.

When you spot a CID member’s van on the road, you can send a message directly to them using their CID number. Not only will the message be received via the app or website (when logged in), it will send an email directly to the owner without disclosing their identity or email address. You can even attach a photo if you wish. Obviously, the owner can reply to you and you can start a conversation but unless you give your name or email address, they will not be disclosed.

At any time, members can choose whether or not to receive messages or emails, you can also opt out completely if you wish. Clearly it is to your advantage to be contactable.

In addition to member to member communications, the new system enables CaravanID to post announcements and alerts. We hope it never happens, but should a van be stolen, we can instantly alert the community to be on the lookout.

The CID Messenger is not intended for general chat but as a facility to contact other members with important information such as sightings. That said, we approve of it’s use for short, social messages. It must NOT be used in a manner that will upset the recipient or for commercial purposes.

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