BRONZE membership provides the protection of CaravanID but as discreetly as possible. The pack includes 1 rear, external decal, 7 unobtrusive, smart window stickers, 1 NFC Tag and 1 NFC Dot giving you no less than 12 additional identification points around your van that a thief would need to remove to obscure its identity.

CaravanID Motorhome

With BRONZE you can choose between our traditional ‘vinyl cut’ or our new, easy fit ‘peel-and-stick’ decals. Identical in appearance, both are made from the highest quality, UV resistant material that adhere securely to your van but can be carefully removed without causing damage. You can choose the colour of your rear decal to match your van’s livery. 

Smart Window Stickers

Your pack will include 7 new style stickers that attach to the inside if your windows. Reverse printed in black on a clear adhesive background, these are extremely discreet yet totally legible, even through tinted windows. The secure QR code on the stickers can easily be scanned with a compatible mobile phone instantly displaying the public information for your van.

Smart Tags

You will also receive a secure Near Field Communication (NFC) tag and dot. The larger tag is typically displayed on the inside of your habitation door window serving as a visual deterrent and providing a scannable ID point, even through the window. The smaller dot should be hidden somewhere accessible inside your van as a covert ID point. If you wish you can put your dot location in the private area of your profile so the police know where to look.

CaravanID Dot
Registration / ID Card

Instead of a cumbersome paper registration document, CaravanID provides all the essential registration information for you and your van on a more practical card that fits in your wallet or purse, what’s more it shows your name and photograph, enabling you to confirm your identity if required.

Database / Web Presence

Your van will be added to the CaravanID database. Essential, non-sensitive information about your van will be included in the public area of our website. Your personal and contact information will never be shown publicly but may be securely accessed by the police in an emergency.

 YOU choose what information is  shown publicly or shared with the police, what’s more you can update, change or delete it at any time online, without charge. 

Virtual App Lookup

Using our free virtual app you can use any internet connected device to look up any van, quickly and for free. Simply type the required ID into the app and the relevant public information will be presented. Confidential and contact information as shown in the final slide will only be visible to authorised police officers and crime prevention agencies.

Whilst the app offers far more functionality than lookups, there are limitations due to screen size. We recommend using our website on a PC or laptop for general browsing.